Helping Men Beat The Baby Blues And Overcome Depression

Radio Podcasts

Postpartum Depression in Dads

Listen to Dr. Courtenay as the Guest Host of Childhood Matters taking calls from listeners and talking with Lee Safran, Marriage and Family Therapist, and David Klinker, founder of PostpartumDads.org, about the experiences of male partners of women with postpartum depression – and what fathers can do to support these new moms.

Depression in Men

Hear Dr. Will in conversation with Dr. Michael Lenoir on the radio call-in show, “About Health.” They discuss men, depression and suicide in the wake of Robin Williams’ death, as well what can been done to alleviate depression and prevent suicide.


Hear Dr. Courtenay interviewed by Christy Cuellar-Wentz, co-founder of www.Mommy-Muse.com and host of Mommy Muse Is In on VoiceAmerica Health and Wellness. They discuss the rarely-acknowledged challenges men face while journeying into new fatherhood, and offer strategies that can make a difference.

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